Swep Duo r-MicroTech Pro mop 35 cm (CC)

Go farther with one mop: Fast cleaning of smooth floors

Swep Duo r-MicroTech Pro is a double-sided microfibre mop with an optimized, patent-pending combined pile and fringe construction and offers high performance, far-reaching cleaning of smooth floors. This mop offers greater than 25% more floor coverage compared to a current benchmark mop, while weighing less and absorbing more. Swep Duo r-MicroTech Pro’s pile glides along the floor while the microfibre fringes collect and remove larger dirt particles including hair, dust and sand.

Swep Duo r-MicroTech Pro is a symmetrical, low friction mop suitable for dry, damp and wet cleaning processes. It is designed to be used as a pre-prepared system in all areas with double-sided cleaning capacity of > 40m2 .

It has unmatched durability - machine washable up to 1000 times and has been awarded the prestigious Nordic Ecolabel (Swan) that ensures it meets stringent environmental and climate criteria.


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