r-Ergonomic Handle (Colour Coded)

Ergonomic, efficient floor cleaning

The height – adjustable, r-Ergonomic handle was designed with highest class ergonomics and ease of use in mind. It is an integral part of the ergonomic new Swep r-Pro mop and Swep r-Frame system and is externally certified as such by ErgoCert. But its ergonomic benefit can be gained by use across most Vileda Professional mopping systems. It is made of durable aluminum and plastic that is up to 45% recycled. The handle is Plastica Seconda Vita certified.

The r-Ergonomic handle is designed to reduce stress on elbows, shoulders and wrists and has a thoughtfully designed rotating comfort top grip and mid-grip handle with a grip stop to make scrubbing easier without overextension. The rotating top grip has flat faces that allow handle to rest firmly against a wall without sliding.

The r-Ergonomic handle can be used for floor, wall and ceiling cleaning with a corresponding mop frame.


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