Swep Single HygienePlus Pro mop 50 cm (CC)

No need to tumble dry

Swep Single HygienePlus Pro is a single-sided microfibre mop with a unique 3D honeycomb pile structure that offers high dirt pick-up capacity and adaptability to uneven surfaces with integrated brush fibers that offer superb cleaning of smooth or structured floors in hygiene-sensitive areas. Swep Duo HygienePlus Pro can be stored in damp conditions, without tumble drying in a clean prebox after washing for up to 72 hours without bacteria growth *.

Swep Single HygienePlus Pro is a symmetrical, low friction mop. It is designed to be used as a preprepared system in all areas with single-sided cleaning capacity of > 20m2 .

It has unmatched durability - machine washable up to 1000 times.


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