Our best performing recycled single use wipe for hygienic cleaning and excellent cleaning results

r-MicronSolo is Vileda Professional’s single use cleaning cloth made from 35% recycled materials. Due to its advanced micronfibre technology, it offers an effective and rapid cleaning of high-risk areas. The highly absorbent cleaning cloth especially suits demanding cleaning tasks in hygienically sensitive areas due to its proven ability of bacteria and virus removal by 99.99% on all surfaces.

r-MicronSolo’s single use character helps you to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. The colour coding system R/B/G/Y allows a simple differentiation of the wipes and therefore accommodates a cleaning process according to hygiene standards and HACCP principles. The very high absorbency function of r-MicronSolo allows you to clean big spills in one wipe and furthermore removes even grease dirt from delicate surfaces like ceramics or glass.


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