Lightweight true 100% microfiber wipe offering outstanding lint free cleaning performance with a greater than 99.93% removal of bacteria.  With MicroRoll™ , there is no need to invest in laundering facilities and staff do not need to change their current cleaning practices.  The result is improved cleaning results with no additional workload.  Independent tests carried out by Microsearch Laboratories have found the following levels of bacteria reduction after just one wipe Clostridium Difficile: Vegetative form - 99.93% Spore form - 99.94% MRSA - 99.96%

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for cleanroom cleaning
  • Disposable microfibre cloth - Perforated roll with 200 cloth (25 cm x 35 cm)
  • Streak-free surface cleaning esp. on stainless steel, glass and mirrors
  • No linting, high tear resistance
  • Designed for use in cleanroom class ISO 7 – 9 / GMP C-D
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