CE Bucket Trolley

Trolleys that meet the highest cleanroom standards

The CE Trolley range has been specifically designed and developed for use in controlled environments where maximum contamination control is needed. The trolleys are electro-polished stainless steel with air tight connections and smooth weldings. This ensures excellent biological control while being easy to clean and fully autoclavable. The trolleys are extremely functional and versatile with superior ergonomics.  Both trolleys offer ample space for all utensils needed while cleaning effectively. Each trolley can be customized with various buckets, boxes, sieves, bin bags - you decide and specify! Both trolleys can be used with the new innovative Vileda Professional Dip-N-Go sieve. This is ideal for areas which require high disinfection contact times.

Product Benefits

  • Detachable Pushbar is airtight and easy to put on/off for sterilization
  • New innovative handle holders prevent any dirt traps or issues when sterilizing and provides fixation of handles
  • Electro-polished stainless steel means a contamination free surface with smooth welding and is very easy to wipe clean
  • Cleanroom casters are exclusively designed for Vileda Professional with emphasis on comfort, quietness while in use and the ability to be autoclaved. Each trolley comes with four casters, two with breaks
  • Storage basket which fits one 25l longish bucket or two 6l buckets
  • Support bar for DuoPress Wringer or Dip-N-Go sieve, support plate and commonly used industry wringers
  • Two frame holders one designed for flat mopping frames and one to fit Roll-O-Matic and DuoMops
  • Stable, wide chassis for excellent stability when pressing
  • Third bucket extension option - converts the double bucket system to a triple bucket system
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